This will have to be very quick one as we have price testing very important level which is 7000-7100 a break of this zone will activate market view upto 75XX as immediate target and a rejection from this zone will open the door back to 6k window as immediate target on the down side.

What to do right now is to wait for the price to make its final decision and go in with a re-test of the above mentioned level.

Moreso, I spotted potential bearish divergence on my oscillation indicator and if this trigger then we will like see BTC on the dip side towards 5k6 zone.

For now let trade safe while we stay safe at home for corona virus.

The idea of this quick update is to avoid fomo, let be patience to see what BTC is upto.

Here is clearer view o the divergence, but I will prefer to wait for serious rejection first before considering this setup. As it is risky right now to predict the turning point.